Twin Frozr IV

When it comes to PC gaming, the graphics card is one of the most important – if not, the most important part – of a desktop. It can make or break the visual experience of a game but it also influences the performance of your entire PC. When choosing a graphics card it's important to look for a card that is capable of providing the right performance for your favorite games.



The MSI TWIN FROZR V thermal solution offers superior cooling performance at revolutionary low noise levels. The SuperSU heat pipe system utilizes 8 mm thick Super Pipes for enhanced dissipation efficiency. The TWIN FROZR V makes use of the TORX Fan system which combines traditional fan blades with dispersion fan blades to maximize both air intake and downwards airflow. The ZERO FROZR feature stops the fans from spinning in low-temperature situations to guarantee complete silence.

Twin Frozr IV
SuperSU Heat Pipe, Torx Fan


MSI GAMING graphics cards are a feast for the eyes. The aggressive appearance of the TWIN FROZR V cooler combined with the recognizable MSI GAMING color scheme makes it a real eye-catcher in any gaming rig. It also features the MSI Dragon LED light with several unique lighting effects such as Breathing, Flashing and Double Flashing. However, the looks are not just in the TWIN FROZR V cooler. MSI GAMING graphics cards have matte black PCB design to perfectly suit the GAMING look.



MSI GAMING graphics cards do not only look better, they also perform better. TWIN FROZR V cooling allows MSI GAMING graphics cards to run at higher frequencies than models based on reference design. Make sure to be ahead of your competition by optimizing your gaming experience with higher frame rates for a more fluid gameplay.


Optimize your system with the MSI Gaming App. Multiple presets offer the best hardware settings for different occasions while the EyeRest tab allows you to quickly adjust display settings to your visual needs. The On Screen Display feature (OSD) allows you to show extensive system information without the need to leave the game. Never lose track of your frame rate, temperatures, frequencies, and much more.


Get the maximum out of your graphics card with MSI Afterburner. This powerful tool allows you to take control over the core voltage and fan speeds to push the frequencies even further. The built-in hardware monitor shows critical hardware information such as temperature, usage, clock speed and voltage. Choose from several different skins with the possibility to download even more.



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