[Windows 10] What should I do if there is a message box showing "The disc image file is too large and will not fit on the recordable disc" when BurnRecovery tool is creating the system recovery disc?

Tipo: Windows 10
Última Actualización: Tue, 28 Jul 2015


(For Windows 10 pre-installed system only)

Please download and update the BurnRecovery tool http://download.msi.com/dvr_exe/w10_BurnRecovery_4.0.1507.1901.zip.
Since the disc image file is very large with Windows 10 system, please follow instruction shown on BurnRecovery tool and choose to make a Recovery USB flash drive (find a USB flash drive which is larger than 32GB) or to use the DVD-9 disc (7.95GB) for your system recovery disc.