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MSI official sponsored teams

In 2008, MSI started partner programs with professional eSports teams.

Now, MSI has partnered with more than 15 professional worldwide eSports teams.

Every MSI GAMING products is designed by experienced R&D and field tested by professional gamers. With the power of MSI GAMING products, these professional gamers have been achieving outstanding records on the world stage. Top players choose MSI when facing off against the gaming world; you already know what your top choice should be.




Cloud9 is one of the top e-sports organization in North America competing in games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, and Heroes of the storm. With multiple championship title runs, Cloud 9 has always been pushing the boundaries of professional e-sports to new standards.

   ��resource_white�loud9: The Unstoppable Force  



Fnatic, a leading eSports team with over 2,000,000 followers on social media, is proficient in the most popular games such as: League of Legends, CS: GO, Dota 2, Battlefield 4, and more.

   ��resource_white�or Your Eyes Only, See More in Fnatic  

HWA Gaming


HWA Gaming is a well-coordinated, professional and� leading club in Turkey.

   ��resource_white�WA Gaming, eSports Rising Star in Turkey  

Vox Eminor


Vox Eminor has been at the forefront of Australian CounterStrike Since 2010 where it launched as a professional CounterStrike:Source team.

   ��resource_white�SI Partners with Australian eSports Team Vox Eminor �€o Pain, No Game!  

yoe Flash Wolves


An eSports organization formed in August 2012,�tarts their winning records from Taiwan eSports League 2012-2013.��

   2_MSI & Aperture Gaming_2  

Aperture Gaming


Aperture Gaming is a competitively structured managed-gaming organization representing in the following titles: BF4, CS:GO, DOTA 2 and COD:AW.

resource_white�perture Gaming, a Force to be Reckoned with in the South African Gaming Scene



Welcome K1ck to join the MSI family! Kindly introduce your League of Legends team lineup to our global users!�i, thanks for the warm welcome! K1ck Black League of Legends team is composed by the following members.

resource_white���€ick the Game, Rock the World!�€� MSI Partners with eSports Team K1ck



MSI contributes a lot to eSports by supporting gamers and teams all over the world. MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware, is honored to sponsor Roger who is a member of the AHQ eSports team founded in Taiwan.

resource_white��Roger in AHQ: Do not let go until the dream hand

Phoenix GaminG


Phoenix GaminG is a group of teams and individuals who participate in a variety of eSports titles. Founded in 2008, Phoenix GaminG currently has over 125 members who actively take part in ten competitive titles.��

resource_white��Team Phoenix GaminG: We are the Game

Energy eSports


Energy eSports was founded in 2012 by individuals with the same goals, aspirations and beliefs in South African eSports. Today, Energy eSports consists of a number of teams who are considered to be champions and leaders in their chosen games.

resource_white��Energy eSports the most brilliant gaming star born in the most ancient continent

PENTA Sports


Since its foundation in January 2014, PENTA Sports has become one of Germany's leading sports clubs. The Berlin-based company manages some of the best talent in titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends or SKILL - Special Force 2.

   resource_white��PENTA Sports: The passion for gaming runs through our bloodstreams!  



NXA-Ladies - female division of NXA-Gaming Team. NXA Ladies is #1 female gamers in Indonesia, led by Nixia�s the founder of the team

   resource_white��Gaming is Anytime, Anywhere - nXa Gaming  



The��MSI-Evolution Gaming Team,��or�SI-EvoGT, is a professional electronic sports organization that was the brainchild of local e-Sports advocate Irymarc Gutierrez and is maintained under the management of NetEssentials, MSI�€ exclusive distributor in the Philippines.


Kim Ga Young


Kim Ga Young is a Terran player from South Korea, currently playing for StarTale.

   resource_white��Ga Young �€phrodite�€� Kim of StarTale Aiming High and Shining Bright  



Galactic is active in Alliance of Valiant Arms the most popular on-line game in Japan.


resource_white��Galactic, the eSports Team from Japan, the Cradle of Video Games  




DETONATOR is a very famous e-sports team of Japan.


Found in 2009, stepping toward the fifth year. The 2012 and 2013 Champaign of "A.V.A".

   resource_white��Japan's eSports Star DeToNator Set to Shine on World Stage  

Team Infused


Team Infused is the original brand of Infused Interactive Ltd and was formed in December 2005 in which over the years has grown to become one of the UK�€ most respected gaming organisations competing on an international level with Global Partnerships.




MiTH, is a compilation of the most skilled players in Thailand and some of the teams are already famous in South East Asia and Internationally.

   resource_white��MSI Partners with eSports Team MiTH: Made in Thailand, Born to Play!  



RCTIC eSports is a finnish eSports organization that was formed in mid 2008. RCTIC aims to support teams and players from Finland, who has the talent and the potential to reach the top level in electronic sports.

   resource_white��Sparks Fly! MSI Partners with Finnish eSports Team RCTIC