• Windows 10 Home/Windows 10 Pro 
  • Procesador 4ª Generación Intel® Core™ i7
  • Tarjeta gráfica NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 970M nivel entusiasta que ofrece excelente desempeño y calidad de imagen ultra
  • La nueva función “SHIFT” te da control total sobre el balance entre el desempeño del sistema y la temperatura
  • SteelSeries Engine personaliza cada tecla y dispositivos para lograr tu propio estilo de juego
  • Teclado SteelSeries con retroiluminación LED a todo color y diseño sólido
  • XSplit Gamecaster para grabar fácilmente los momentos de juego, transmitir y compartir las sesiones de juego en Twitch, YouTube, UStream y más
  • Miracast permite compartir el juego en streaming, galerías de imágenes o video clips en forma inalámbrica a la pantalla grande de TV
  • Exclusivo Super RAID 2 con 3 SSD RAID0 ofrece una velocidad de lectura de más de 1500MB/s! (opcional)
  • Evolución de Sonido por Dynaudio 4.1
  • Cooler Boost 3: Sistema de refrigeración doble de mayor eficiencia
  • Killer™ E2200 Game Networking para una red más inteligente y rápida para todo el entretenimiento online
  • Matrix Display soporta un máximo de 2 pantallas para expandir la visión para una experiencia de juego extremo o multitareas
  • Ángulos de visión amplios para ver colores precisos y vivos con brillo constante

Killer™ E2200 Game Networking for smarter, faster, networking for all online entertainment

The benefit of the Killer Gaming LAN is the "Advanced Game Detect™" technology, which recognizes online game data packs and processes them first, accelerating them in the process. The best weapon against stuttering characters, freeze-ups, and lagging, it vastly improves all the online experience. Whether FPS or MMO gaming, you’ll have that advantage to response faster to get victorious.

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“SHIFT” – Boost Performance under Controlled Noise & Temperature

The exclusive MSI “SHIFT” technology pushes system to the extreme while minimizing noise and temperature. Switch between three profiles “Sport,” “Comfort,” and “Green” to reach balance between system performance and comfortable user experience.

*SHIFT is activated by the FN + F7 hotkey combo, or via the Dragon Center.

Runs CPU and GPU at the highest frequency for maximum performance.

Limits GPU frequency to level 1. Maintain GPU temperature at a maximum of 89°C.

Disables Intel Turbo boost and limits GPU frequency to level 2. Control CPU and GPU temperatures at a maximum of 85°C.


To satisfy consumers desire to experience high quality sound effects, MSI partnered with top audio brand Dynaudio, which has a devoted aspiration for “Authentic Fidelity” to meet this demanding standard. It equips the MSI GAMING-Series gaming notebook with top-notch audio features, creating a realistic sound and immersive effects. Any high quality stereo source is transformed into true-to-life, multi-channel sound. No need to purchase extra speakers, wires or speaker stands to appreciate room-filling sound.

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The MSI Audio Boost design enhances the output sound detail and sound stage by 30% more. The gold flash audio jack provides stable sound transmission (reduced obstruction) and works in conjunction with the optimized headsets AMP (Audio Power Amplifier) design, characterized by low noise and low distortion, to greatly enhance headphone performance and faithfully reproduce each acoustic detail.

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The GeForce® GTX 970M Series brings extreme, next-generation graphics performance to serious gaming notebooks. As the first graphics solution to reach a score over P9,600 in 3DMark 11, the GeForce® GTX 970M delivers extremely fast and fluid gameplay at the highest settings and resolutions in a lightweight and portable design.


A Must-have Engine for Gaming

The latest 4th generation quad core processor platform, representing superior performance over previous generations. The CPU performance has increased by 3%~7%, while the overall platform is 15% more powerful. Additionally, the GPU performance of 2D and 3D visuals, is even more noteworthy, with an average increase of over 30%. There have also been significant advances in user experience and battery life.

The Real Deal:
A Keyboard All Gamers Desire For

Every hardware detail of this keyboard is calculated and especially designed for professional gamers’ needs. Better responsive and tactile feedback, optimum WASD zone and support of multi-key inputs are all for gamers to gain full command over gaming missions.

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Chasis completamente metálico con diseño de metal cepillado

MSI ha desarrollado un chasis ligero utilizando no solamente el aluminio tradicional sino también la aleación de Magnesio y Litio. Es 44% más sólido y 23% más ligero que un chasis de aluminio solo, siendo la primera estructura de este estilo utilizado en un portátil Gaming.


Velocidad de almacenamiento increíble

El primer diseño Super RAID: un portátil con dos unidades SSD M.2 en RAID 0 (128GB o 256GB), es otra novedad cortesía de MSI. Pueden instalarse dos unidades SSD M.2 y un HDD en un portátil sin necesidad de expandir su tamaño, aumentando las velocidades de lectura, escritura y guardado. *Por favor contacte a su representante local para las especificaciones finales.

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Cooler Boost 3
Sistema de Refrigeración Dual Ultra Eficiente

El sistema de refrigeración doble Cooler Boost 3 está desarrollado para utilizar con la nueva generación de procesadores móviles de desempeño extremo. Los usuarios pueden impulsar manualmente el sistema de refrigeración con una sola tecla, ubicada en el lado izquierdo del teclado.
Con la eficiencia de refrigeración avanzada, no requiere expacio extra pero genera menos ruido. El calor generado por los componentes del núcleo se transfiere a las vías de ventilación en silencio sin molestar a los usuarios, y soporta CPUs hasta Core i7 Extreme y tarjetas gráficas hasta GTX880M 8GB con menos temperatura que otros. Cuando habilitas Cooler Boost 3 con velocidad del ventilador aumentadas, puede reducir la temperatura de la CPU en 8~10∘C y la temperatura de la GPU en 4~5∘C, y el ruido será menor que en la mayoría de las notebooks Gaming.

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Personaliza tu estilo de juego

SteelSeries Engine es la App que combina todas las funciones frecuentes de los gamers para personalizar cada tecla y funciones y lograr tu propio estilo de juego, incluyendo el Administrador de Luces del Teclado, administración de múltiples dispositivos (por ejemplo, audífonos, mouse y teclado), macros de teclas y macros de texto.

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Matrix Display With 4K 60Hz output

Imagine expanding your gaming real estate across two displays in full HD up to 120Hz from DisplayPort for a completely immersive gaming experience. With the Matrix Display, you can now use the latest surround view display technology to build the multi-display gaming experience, or with 4K (3840 x 2160) resolutions or multitask effectively by HDMI 1.4 by 30Hz and mini DisplayPort 1.2 by 60Hz refresh rate. (notebook's monitor + 2 external displays)


Hear beyond the limits, Nahimic Sound Technology now packed in MSI Gaming Notebooks

To lead the gaming market, MSI is adopting Nahimic sound technology to boost the audio performance for their new range of gaming computers. So what’s new about this? Now, they can offer immersive virtual 7.1 sound in high definition using exclusive stereo equipment.

With Nahimic, enjoy sound that pushes the limits of reality.

At the very cutting edge of innovation, Nahimic sound technology has been approved for its quality and precision in projects undertaken by the military field, and also the aeronautics industry. Now, they are looking to make some serious noise in the world of gaming by becoming the next piece of your lethal arsenal.

Total immersion in the game: 360° sound that puts you right in the heart of the action.

Realism: highlighting even the smallest sounds and providing incomparable clarity of dialogue.

Gaming intensity: increased bass, giving you incredibly high-powered sound.

Microphone communication quality: constant volume and noise reduction for optimum voice clarity and comprehension.

Lastly, Nahimic is unveiling their HD Audio Recorder for the very first time: this function will enable you to enjoy studio quality sound to immortalize your streamed games - all in one click!


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