• Windows 10 Home/Windows 10 Pro
  • Latest 6th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 970M graphics with ultra performance
  • 14” Full HD (1920x1080), Wide-viewing angle
  • NVMe M.2 SSD by PCIe Gen3 X4 up to 2200MB/s speed(Optional)
  • Thunderbolt 3 supporting 40Gbps ultra speed data transfer rate, dual 4K monitor output, and portable charging power up to 5V/3A (Optional)
  • USB Type-C reversible plug
  • Exclusive ESS SABRE HiFi DAC for lossless, high-quality audio
  • Nahimic Sound Technology delivering 360⁰ immersive audio experience
  • Sound by Dynaudio system
  • True Color Technology for increased color contrast and greater image detail
  • SteelSeries Engine 3 to personalize your play style
  • Keyboard by Steelseries with single color backlighting (red)
  • Killer DoubleShot Pro (Killer Gb LAN + Killer 802.11 a/c WiFi) with Smart Teaming
  • Exclusive SHIFT technology boosts performance under controlled noise & temperature
  • Exclusive Cooler Boost 3 Technology
  • Matrix Display supporting 4K output up to 3 external monitors
  • New Diamond Cut design on the side with brushed aluminum chassis adds a stylish and chic impression

Latest 6th Generation Intel ® Core™ i7 Processors

Experience a whole new way to interact with your PC like never before. With the power to understand your motions, recognize your face and respond to your voice, 6th generation Intel Core H series processors take computing to the next level. They require lower power consumption but deliver better performance than before. CPU performance of Core i7-6700HQ is 20% faster than i7-4720HQ under average usage.

* This feature may vary by SKU and country


PCI-E GEN3x4 SSD – Ultra velocidad de almacenamiento

Entra en el juego antes que los demás con PCI-E Gen 3.0 x4 con tecnología NVMe en SSD M.2 único. Aprovecha todo el potencial de rendimiento del SSD Gen 3.0 a través de la optimización del hardware y el software que generan velocidades de lectura extremas de hasta 2200 MB / s, 5 veces más rápido que las SSD SATA3.


*This specification may vary by model.

“SHIFT” – Boost Performance under Controlled Noise & Temperature

The exclusive MSI “SHIFT” technology pushes system to the extreme while minimizing noise and temperature. Switch between three profiles “Sport,” “Comfort,” and “Green” to reach balance between system performance and comfortable user experience.

*SHIFT is activated by the FN + F7 hotkey combo, or via the Dragon Center.

Runs CPU and GPU at the highest frequency for maximum performance.

Limits GPU frequency to level 1. Maintain GPU temperature at a maximum of 89°C.

Disables Intel Turbo boost and limits GPU frequency to level 2. Control CPU and GPU temperatures at a maximum of 85°C.

Latest architecture DDR4-2133 Memory Support

Get the best possible performance out of your notebook with support of the advanced DDR4-2133 memory, achieving over 29GB/s in reading speed and 32GB/s in writing. With over 30% faster performance than previous generations DDR3-1600, DDR4-2133 is the new laptop standard to take your extreme gaming experience to the next level.


Cooler Boost 3: Keep Calm Under Pressure

Heat is the most original element on earth. It’s pure physics that more energy will generate more heat. Cooling is therefore a knotty task to tackle with. MSI exclusive Cooler Boost 3 technology creates dual thermal modules internally by allocating dedicated heat pipes for GPU and CPU. A total of 5 heat pipes and dual fans actively and effectively push heat out of the system, resulting in better cooling effects on this incredible slim and light GS40 gaming notebook.

Responsive image
Responsive image

Un puerto para transferir los datos de una forma ultra rápida, además, podrás cargar tu dispositivo

MSI es el primero en el mundo en adoptar la interfaz Thunderbolt 3 en sus portátiles para juegos. La interfaz más reciente y más rápida Thunderbolt 3 admite velocidades de transferencia de datos de hasta 40 Gbps y pantallas 4K con capacidades de conexión en cadena. Su interfaz de velocidad ultra USB 3.1 admite una salida de corriente de hasta 5V y 3A para cargar.


Data transfer speed up to 40Gbps


4K LCD output


Charging higher-power devices with 5V @ 3A


Connect 4K

60Hz display with single Thunderbolt™ 3. Enjoy your game with double the sensation.



The GeForce® GTX 970M Series brings extreme, next-generation graphics performance to serious gaming notebooks. As the first graphics solution to reach a score over P9,600 in 3DMark 11, the GeForce® GTX 970M delivers extremely fast and fluid gameplay at the highest settings and resolutions in a lightweight and portable design.


True Color Technology

MSI True Color Technology guarantees that each panel in a MSI notebook comes with the finest precision in color. After examination and an extensive factory calibration process by the MSI True Color Technology, the panel quality will be more accurate, close to 100% sRGB. Hence, each color is delivered with the highest standard precision in detail, guaranteeing excellent color fidelity for many use applications.

MSI has partnered with Portrait Displays, Inc. in developing a level of accuracy for display technology that sets a new standard. Trusting that the displays colors naturally represent the content is MSI’s objective.


Vision and sound are the most important two factors in this field. You now get to see clearer than your enemies to always get one step ahead of the rest. Besides Gaming Mode, True Color Technology also offers prefect color accuracy for 5 more scenarios. Work or play, you can easily switch to the mode that best suits your eyes. The profile sharing feature permits you to share your True Color settings to other users anywhere.



Matrix Display

Expand the vision for extreme gaming experience. MSI innovative Matrix Display supports up to 3 external displays simultaneously (three external or built-in+two external). Multi-task is made possible even during competitive gameplays. Connect the laptop to HDTV display, Matrix Display supports 4K output with a resolution up to 3840 x 2160.
MSI Matrix Display technology creates an ideal environment for extreme gaming experience and pleasant multimedia entertainment.

*GS70 / GS72 : 3 external displays through one HDMI 1.4 and two Mini DisplayPort 1.2

*GS60 / GS40 : 3 external displays through one HDMI 1.4, one Mini DisplayPort 1.2 and Thunderbolt 3 / Super Port (For Thunderbolt 3 / Super Port, a Type-C to Mini DisplayPort cable is required).

Wide Viewing Angle Display

MSI gaming notebook built in high quality Wide-View angle display takes image clarity to a whole new level with higher pixel resolution. Images are amazingly 40% more sharp and vivid in contrast level and 20% clearer in brightness level compared with those on regular TN panels. Hence, images are more vivid even from left and right side of the viewing angle. When you're playing games, you will have breathtaking and brilliantly true-to-life viewing experience.

ESS SABRE HiFi Audio DAC – Evolve Details You Hear

How we hear is changing. Just like how we see our games has changed over the years with higher resolutions and better graphics. Audio is evolving the same way and we've implemented the next stage of that evolution with SABRE Hi-Fi audio. Push the limits of your audio peripherals and hear the difference with the SABRE Audio DAC. It supports 24bit/192KHz sampling rate and drives high quality headset from 16ohm to 600ohm which gives up to 122dBA DNR highest sound detail, unmatched by PC, Mac or mobile devices DAC. Discover new details that you’ve been missing or maintain the upper-hand in competitive FPS matches where every bit of sound counts

*Available only on certain models of GT and GS series.


Nahimic Audio Enhancer

El software Nahimic audio ofrece un sonido de alta definición que incrementa el audio y la voz de tu ordenador gaming. Disfruta de un sonido inmersivo 7.1 sobre tu equipo de audio estéreo.

The Real Deal:
A Keyboard All Gamers Desire For

Every hardware detail of this keyboard is calculated and especially designed for professional gamers’ needs. The keyboard has ergonomically-designed keys with 1.9mm of key travel for better responsive and tactile feedback, optimum WASD zone and support of anti-ghosting capability for up to 45 keys. Mechanical-level Shielding solution makes the gaming notebook keyboard the most solid ever. All these gaming features are all designed for gamers to gain full command over gaming missions.

SteelSeries Engine 3 (SSE3) – Objetivo, Posición y Fuego

Durante la partida, SteelSeries Engine 3 se convierte en tu arma de fuego. Con SSE3, te equipas con tu arma con una apariencia atractiva teniendo la posibilidad de adoptar multitud de colores, transforma tu teclado en un arma de alta tecnología realizando diversas acciones con una sola tecla o sincronizando todos tus dispositivos SteelSeries.

*La retroiluminación del teclado es en un único color en el GT83VR y GS43 y ciertos modelos de GE.

  • Friendly UI design

    Una interfaz intuitiva

    The SteelSeries Engine 3 fue creado para unificar el software de SteelSeries , de esta forma se puede utilizar de una forma intuitiva todos los dispositivos de SteelSeries como teclados, ratones o auriculares.

  • 4 keyboard layers options!!

    4 capas de teclado!!

    Existen 4 capas para que los gamers puedan usar la más conveniente dependiendo del juego. No sólamente eso, mientras juegas, los gamers pueden cambiar de forma sencilla entre capa y capa

    *La tecla para cambiar de capa es “Fn+1~4”

  • Intelligent keypress macro capabilities

    Inteligente capacidad de macros

    Existen ilimitadas posibilidades de macros, cualquier cosa que puedas hacer con un ratón o teclado puede ser programado. Además, puedes programar eventos en el teclado, estas macros se iniciarán con prioridad, de esta forma no interfieren durante la partida.

  • Create your own text macro

    Crea tu propio texto

    A parte de las macros de teclas, SteelSeries Engine puede crear un texto como macro. De esta forma, los gamers pueden tener una conversación múltiple y no perder tiempo escribiendo de forma repetitiva.

  • Create your own text macro

    KLM (Gestión de las luces del teclado)

    Dependiendo de tus deseos, puedes elegir entre más de 1000 combinaciones de colores en diferentes escenarios, permitiéndote ser el mejor en la LAN party!

  • Unlimited profile possibilities

    Posibilidades infinitas

    Combinaciones de macros, asignación de botones y configuraciones de dispositivos son usados con frecuencia. Un número ilimitado de perfiles con nombres personalizados, pueden ser almacenados en el SteelSeries Engine. Puedes usar los perfiles predefinidos para los juegos más habituales o como guía para tus macros personalizadas.

  • Statistics to analyze and improve

    Estadísticas para analizar y mejorar

    Cuando estás jugando a un FPS o editando en Photoshop, mejorar es algo que siempre queremos hacer. Para conseguirlo, puedes usar el módulo de Stadistics para grabar tus acciones de teclado o ratón. El análisis de calor te permite mostrar los colores y la frecuencia de tus pulsaciones. Puedes usar esta información para mejorar tus herramientas y tu gameplay.

  • Freedom to Play

    Libre para Jugar

    SteelSeries Engine reconocerá automáticamente el juego y abrirá tus perfiles para dicho juego. Puedes crear tus propios perfiles y guardarlos en SteelSeries Engine para que lo abra automáticamente.


Killer DoubleShot Pro – Protecting Your Ping

Stop losing games to lag with Killer DoubleShot Pro. Protect and prioritize networking traffic while preventing lag spikes so you can game without fear and play at your best. Select programs you want your network to prioritize to ensure maximum bandwidth and track your speeds with the easy-to-use Killer Networking Manager. Killer DoubleShot Pro supports both Killer Gb LAN and WiFi 802.11ac dual band protocol and improves average latency by 3.5 times compared with those utilizing 802.11ac.

Responsive image

Killer Shield – Gameplay más fluido

Una protección más para subidas y bajadas más rápidas. Menos tasa de pin para un gameplay más fluido.


WTFast is the Gamers Private Network.

  • Built just for MMO gamers
  • Reduce average ping
  • Greatly reduce connection flux, spikes and packet loss
  • MSI Exclusive 2-month premium license

*Please register in below website and download the WTFast software, thank you!



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